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I'm (almost) a Classic philologist. I talk about it a lot. Rome is my place and ancient Romans are my friends. I have alive friends too, but I'm so shy, sometimes. However, I'm caring, passionate and loyal —also forgiving, maybe too much.


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INFJ + Ravenclaw


The tragic sense of life
by Miguel de Unamuno


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marauders appreciation week; one Marauders AU +

AU: Minerva makes sure Sirius has a fair trial and is freed from Azkaban. She brings him into her home to live with her and her husband, treating him like a son.

"I didn’t do it. James was - I couldn’t do it, Professor. I wish I could take his place."

"I know."


"It’s time to go home, Sirius. You’ll not spend another moment here if I have anything to say about it."


It is what it says on the tin. Thank you very much to the brilliant billie piper for being the best ever edit person! Yes she made this beauty!

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